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Blog: A Look Inside Chick-Fil-A From Former Executive VP | LAI

Earlier this month, Steve Robinson, former chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Chick-fil-A, launched his new book, Covert Cows and Chick-fil-A: How Faith, Cows, and Chicken Built an Iconic Brand. In his book, Robinson reveals the inside story on how Chick-fil-A built one of the largest and most successful brands in America. He delves into the niche marketing tactics of the company, the values of the founder, and the company’s dedication to Christianity. As a key part of the

Video Campaigns | Marketing Video Production | LAI Video

What is it like to work at your company or in your industry? What does your profession actually ? Is recruiting good candidates difficult? Are you trying to attract new generations or demographics to your line of work? Help the talent pool understand what you do and imagine themselves in that role. Talk about the company culture, personal responsibilities, and work-life balance. Video provides potential candidates more certainty as to whether or not your company, your industry, and your professi

Blog: Darren McBurnett's Unique Insights Into Navy Seal Training | LAI

Former SEAL platoon leader, accomplished keynote speaker, world-renowned photographer, and now, author, Darren McBurnett’s personal experiences and feats have taught him what separates the good from the truly exceptional. His recently-published book, Uncommon Grit, constitutes a photographic journey through Navy SEAL BUD/S first phase training. Striking, beautiful, and haunting, Uncommon Grit takes a unique look at the toughest training in the military—and the world—from the vantage point of so

Blog: Speakers On Ethics In Technology | LAI

The realm of technology is improving and expanding at a rapid, unprecedented pace—can our ethics keep up? From data privacy breaches and biased AI to automation and public safety concerns, the benefits of technology seem to come at a steep price. But, there’s some good news—we can mitigate tech’s adverse side effects by partnering its growth with robust ethical standards. In order to solve the ethical dilemmas recent technology has wrought, we need to be just as innovative as we have been in cr

Blog: New Book "Bitcoin Pizza" by Samantha Radocchia | LAI

Hungry for a fun, relatable guide to all things blockchain and cryptocurrency? Look no further than Bitcoin Pizza: The No-Bullshit Guide to Blockchain—a new book by LAI speaker Samantha Radocchia. Already a #1 Amazon best-seller in E-commerce, Bitcoin Pizza offers a sociological, historical, and technical perspective on the complex issue of blockchain. Radocchia breaks it down into several palpable pieces, exploring what our current global operating system is lacking, how blockchain fixes those

New club spotlight: GESP

How does a social justice club transition from raising awareness to achieving tangible change on campus? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but the University of San Diego’s new Gender Equality and Sex Positivity club (GESP) seems to have a solid strategy — not registering as an official club on campus. The idea came from Lexie Rollings, a senior at USD who chaired the school’s 2019 Sexual Assault Awareness Month committee. Though she considers its execution a success, Rollings felt limit

Speaker: Jim VandeHei & Mike Allen, Political Speaking Duo | LAI

Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen are two of the nation’s most influential journalists. For years, they worked together building the nationally renowned digital media company , transforming it from a newcomer on Captiol Hill to the website and accompanying newsletter that all of Washington considered a “must-read.” Now, they are co-founders of the media company Axios, delivering quick, punchy news and insights on politics, business, media, and technology to a smart and highly-engaged audience. The com

Blog: Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion At Your Next Event | LAI

In celebration of Pride Month, we wanted to address the necessity of diversity and inclusion in the workplace—and its significance 12 months out of the year. Though most people agree on the importance of workplace diversity, it’s not always prioritized as highly as it should be. A business’s facilitation of a diverse, inclusive environment isn’t just a “nice thing to do.” In fact, it’s perhaps the most valuable, advantageous thing a company can do. First, diversity breeds more diversity. Nobody

Blog: Beyond Charlottesville, Former VA Governor McAuliffe | LAI

In the aftermath of August 12th, 2017—the last day of the infamous “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia—a crucial question echoed across the US: how do we move forward? Former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe tackles this question in his new book, Beyond Charlottesville: Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism, through thought-provoking analyses and comprehensive action-plans. He recounts the events that propelled that shocking, violent night, and discloses key details—what

Blog: The Heroes Of The 2018 Thai Cave Rescue | LAI

Our team is proud to represent three cave divers who played a key role in the 2018 Tham Luang Thailand cave rescue—Richard Stanton, John Volanthen, and Jim Warny. Successfully locating the 12 young boys and coach trapped inside Thailand's Tham Luang cave (a feat not even special forces could carry out), the heroic divers were instrumental in the July 2018 rescue. Their dedication and expertise served as a beacon of hope throughout the tumultuous, heart-wrenching operation—and ultimately brought

Speaker: Tim Alberta, Chief Political Correspondent, POLITICO | LAI

Named one of the most-respected young political reporters in Washington, Tim Alberta is a writer for and the author of and best-seller, American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Donald Trump . He not only expertly covers the political landscape, but also writes stories on a range of subjects including culture, religion, crime, and sports. Alberta’s consistent coverage of the biggest stories in politics grants him a front-row seat at the latest co

Blog: Experts on Generational Differences in the Workplace | LAI

Every generation has lived through a paradigm shift in society that has, in turn, formed its collective values. For Baby Boomers, it was post-World War II optimism and the Vietnam War. For Generation X, the end of the Cold War and the rise of the Internet. Gen Y—popularly known as Millennials—experienced the Great Recession, 9/11, and the explosion of social media. Finally, Gen Z, an umbrella term for the youngest people on Earth, are (and continue to be) shaped by our hyper-connected world. The